perjantai 6. toukokuuta 2016

To Russia with love

According to statistics from Blogger, my tiny little blog has been very popular across the eastern border in Russia. Close to 7% of my total views from Russia have happened in the past 30 days. 

Unfortunately my Russian skills are very limited, but I trust all my eastern readers are fluent with Finnish and English. Those are the two languages that I use here, so that's a safe bet.

What has sparked this sudden interest in my blog? I have no idea, as my previous posts have been rather general in mind. One post about Putin and his new national guard, but even I can't think it as very interesting. Curious topic of course.

My view on the great land across the border? 

I've been there once and this means, my knowledge is very sparse and mostly based on news and other media sources. Russia is one of the great nations in human history. Largest landmass in current history, but filled with open space. When comparing to the British Empire, it's only half in landmass and roughly one third of the population.

I've lived the cold war times, when the world was divided to two superpowers and after that, there was only one. In my view the modern Russia is extremely hungry to be considered as a superpower, maybe even so much that, the hunger has blinded the judgment. 

It is very true that the USA is very active with it's military, operating around the globe and protecting it's interests. But it's not actually occupying or trying to annex new land and call it New USA. Russia is doing that. 

Annexation of Crimea is very similar, what Nazi Germany did in Saar, Austria and Czechoslovakia. Of course I understand the importance of Sevastopol and the access to Black Sea, for the Russian Navy, but this can't be acceptable reason to invade a neighboring country. 

 I'm worried about the direction where Russia is going. These must be the best years for the common Russian, but nothing good has ever been gained from isolation. This is what I would be worried about if I had a Russian passport.

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