keskiviikko 28. toukokuuta 2008

Music and me desperately searching for logic

At times I hate beeing illeterate with music. All the other ppl around me, find cool new music and I'm stuck listening to the same old tunes. And when I do find something new, it's usually so weird that ppl around me think it's strange. There is no way for me to win and sound cool with my music.

Wondering what is the connection with Iran's relationship with the rest of the World and Russia's proposal. There has to be a link and I'm trying to come up with a logic solution.

Basicly the proposal itself is a diplomatic way of saying that Russia considers Iran as her geopolitical territory. Everyone else should keep their nose out of Iran. Meaning that she can now say anything she wants to IAEA and other possible parties. Why would Russia give such a free hand for Iran, as they are not wearing a leash? Is it just Russia's way to negotiate a somekind of partnership with Iran, a way to secure market share in the Iran's nuclear power plant market?

Don't really think so because who else would supply Iran with nuclear technology, the USA? Not likely as they have been blacklisted in the eyes of western powers. As it's not the nuclear power thing, it's not arms for the same reason.

In my eyes it's a way to strenghten Iran politically and way to create some kind of political gratitude between the two nations. China is a great power, but it dosn't have a presence in the specific region. Also China is still looking inwards and is not a great diplomatic power in the global scale. And when the US are China's greatest single source of income, I wouldn't place my money on a diplomatic row between the two great countries.

Russia on the other hand is gaining momentum and won't bow to anyone, remember the V-Day parade? In my eyes somekind of political relationship between Russia and Iran is possible and actually rather likely. Iran's gain is political influance as it can rattle the sabre as much as it likes and Russia gains a strategic partnership in a region that still is the worlds most important.

If Iran would build the bomb, would it be a threat to Russia? In a way of course, but it would be a much greater threat the the Western countries. We are still totally dependent on the oil from the Middle East. Iran with the bomb would threaten the power of balance and could actually turn it upside down.

Makes me wonder if the US hawks are actually realists.

tiistai 27. toukokuuta 2008

Summer and then it's gone

I'm over obsessing this and recognize that I'm doing so and yet I can't stop. As mentioned I changed jobs in december and wasn't in a position to argue for a full holiday season, meaning that I only have the minimum guaranteed by the law. Full eight (yes, 8) days of paid holiday for this year. Sux totally, but what can you do..

I've been obsessing about my summer holiday plans, or the lack of them. Eight days is such a short time that I don't want to waste it on something stupid and boring. Also there is the budjet part. I have some other plans for the rest of the year so, for this summer a shoestring might be the correct word. That also kind of narrows down the alternatives. A cheap plane ticket to somewhere silly or having a road trip to somewhere off the beaten track and I'm leaning towards the later. There is nothing wrong of flying to somewhere silly, but I don't think I'm up for it this summer. Will save it for later.

Road trip on the other hand could be the ideal alternative, due to the new job and perks. Only to decide where to go, north or south. Haven't decided yet. I hear that the North Cape is wonderful, but I've also read that Estonia has some lovely castles. Maybe I'll flip a coin...

maanantai 26. toukokuuta 2008


We are in Mars! See the link in the title for the scenery on Mars today.

perjantai 23. toukokuuta 2008

Stripped down to my soul

It feels almost like beeing in love. The feeling that is filling your soul with happiness and the sense of wonder, when you are experiencing something truly magnificent. It speaks with you with a language that has no words as they are very unnecessary. There were only pictures or still moments of life, if you want to call them that, but they were there as was I.

Anton Corbijn is the second favourite photographer that I have. Helmut is the first, but as he is already gone from this place, it leaves us only with Anton. Even when it's hard to write "only" when you have just been bombarded with the photographs, that lack absolutely nothing. The picture of Dave Gahan is an example of a picture with so much sexual tension that, it is almost pricking thru your eyes, just like a shower of needles.

The retrospective exhibition in Tennis Palace Art Museum is something to attend to. You don't have to understand anything before your go the, but most likely you will not come out blind. Even after seeing Dave and his shower of needles.

An Eagle

I just saw an eagle (Aquila chrysaetos), when I came home. After parking my car I noticed a big bird of prey, flying above me with low altitude. I think it was just 40-50 meters above me, with some seagulls and hooded crows (Corvus cornix) following it close by and making swoops at it.

Of course I'm not totally sure if it was an eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) or an white tailed eagle (Haliaeetus albicilla) as I can't really tell them apart. But my best guess would be eagle, as it apeared to have some ragged white patches under it's wings and some on the tail also. The head was dark and the white parts didn't have any distinctive shape. As Wikipedia explains that white tailed eagle has a lighter head and tail.

I have to say that it was magnificent and must have been the first time that I really see one that close. Of course I've seen several of them before but always from the distance. Too bad I didn't have my camera with me.

torstai 22. toukokuuta 2008

Divided no more and thinking of Helmut

I watched the Champions League final last night and can honestly say, that it was a good decition. The match itself was exciting and couldn't have hoped for more, but as this isn't a match review, I'm only commenting that I loved the penalty shoot-out. In my eyes it is the only real alternative to end a football game after a tie result. Of course it is shocking and even cruel but a tie result deserves something special in the end. Lovely stuff.

This whole week is almost all about football. It started with a football game in Finnair stadium, CL final yesturday, Honka vs. HJK today, Grankulla IFK vs. FC JJK on saturday and for the sunday HJK vs. Mypa. That's five games in seven days and it's safe to say that I've never seen so many games in such a short time. With the exeption of some national team tournaments from the TV.

I was a bit divided about todays game in Espoo, but I think I won't go over there. It's TV game also and I'm getting plenty of live football during the weekend, so why bother. And of course my couch is a lot more comfortable than the B-section at Tapiola Sports Park. Call me sissy, I don't care.

This blog has lately been mostly about football but it hasn't been the only thing on my mind. Actually I've wanted to comment on various topics, but haven't found the time or the energy to do so. Would be really interesting to speculate with the Russian propositon of security garantee for Iran and what is the real beef in that matter. I also read a blog with 75-things that a real man should be able to do and I am sad to say that I failed in several things. Does it mean that I'm not a real man after all? Am I a sissy-boy? What would be the things that a real woman should be able to do.. Could be an interesting topic to think thru.

Friday is also reserved for culture. I'm attending a JD event to see my second favourite(?) photographers retrospective exhibition. Anton Corbijn has a great vission but still lacks the edge that old Helmut had. Or maybe it's the topic that lacks that edge. don't know and honestly don't have the time to think it thru at this moment. I just hope that Anton dosn't die as Helmut did when his retrospective exhibition was over here. Sunday to the Ateneum with V. Looking forward to that. Dinner also?

maanantai 19. toukokuuta 2008

Mixed feelings but an entertaining match

I have mixed feelings about the game. First of all, I'm so happy that I'm not a betting man 'cos HJK trashed TamU 5-1. Totally against my prediction so, shows me how much I know about football.

The local favourites were dangerous, they scored five times and all of them were good goals. Especially the one that Medo scored was nice. To be frank about it, Medo is too good for Finnish football and I'm just thinking should I really get his shirt before he flies off to a bigger league. The Polish Sajdak seems to have the best guality of a football striker, he manages to be at the right place at the right time. I can't really say he seems that good, but for each time I've seem him play he has scored.

Today HJK was better, after the third goal you could see that TamU been crushed mentally. They just realised that they were beeing beaten fair-and-square. After that HJK was better in every aspect of the game.

About the mixed feelings part. Tampere had it's moments and I suspect that Zico is trying to introduce a new style of play. At best Tampere looked really dangerous. Everytime HJK got the ball they were pressing really hard with one or two players and immediately they got the ball there was movement towards the opponents goal. Fast and accurate passes and obviously thought out attacking lines, it's just that they couldn't score. I'm not sure why they couldn't, 'cos at best the game looked lethal.

Hmm.. TamU needs to belive in their game 'cos obviously it is the right way to go. HJK on the other hand just looks dangerous, but they haven't got a strategy or atleast I couldn't see one. It's just that they have such a good team that they can get away with it.

It's about football

A brand new week has started and from the looks of it, it's all about football. As I came home, first thing that got my attention was the special summer 2008 edition of the WorldSoccer magazine. It's the second issue of the magazine that I subscired earlier and by the looks of it, it's pretty nice. Haven't really concentrated on it yet, but there is still time.

The second thing for today is the HJK vs. TamU game later today. As I have the season ticket for the HJK games I'm planning of attending the game. Will need to dress warmly as the breeze is a bit cold, but I'm expecting it to be a really good game. HJK is currently flying in the 5th place in Veikkausliiga, with one game in hand against the rest of the TOP5 teams. The pride of Tampere on the other hand is still searching for their maiden victory and is swimming in deep waters with only three points from five games.

Despite the low position, Tampere United is actually a very good team. It even won the Veikkausliiga last season, the bottom two position must be a shock for them and is not a place where they want to be. I'm expecting a classic "rallying call" fight from them and a massive result against HJK. If I were a betting man, I'd put my money on Tampere today. It's not that HJK is a lousy team, actually vice versa, but TamU just might want the points more.

The second alternative is that the game will end up in a draw, with one point for each, but in my eyes a tie would be a suprice. I'm expecting a victory for the visiting team mainly based on their coach Ari "Zico" Helm. He is more capable coach than Antti Muurinen, who is more of an single minded "attack is the best defence" type of coach. Zico knows this will concentrate on defence and fast counter attacks. It's not a pretty style, but a style that has served them well against much better teams than HJK and will give them their first win of the season. I'm counting on that and might even place a bet for TamU's victory.

Later in the week we will have the most anticipated game of the regular season. The Champions League final in Moscow, ManU vs. Chelsea. A modern day pinnacle of club football. I haven't really thought about it that much yet, but most likely I'll have a prawn sandwich while watching the game.

EURO 2008.. what can I say.. Will let you know my fantasy team later on, but will keep it to myself for few more days. Need to read the WorldSoccer magazine first. And my friend was wrong, the WS is a lot better than a roll of toilet paper. I've never had such good pictures on my toilet paper.

Avautumisia ja jotain hienoa

Jotain tekisi mieli sanoa, mutta en keksi mitä. Kesä on tulossa ja käytännössä jo alkanut, mutta ei tunnu siltä. Pelkään, että tämä kesä menee minulta täysin ohitse. Harmittaa eniten ehkä se, ettei minulla ole oikein kesälomaa. virallisia lomapäiviä minulle on kertynyt kahdeksan kappaletta, mutta niillä pitäisi pärjätä koko seuraava vuosi ja se pistää mietteliääksi. Itse asiassa olen pähkäillyt jo monta viikkoa siitä mitä haluan kesällä tehdä, mutta en ole keksinyt.

Erästä ideaa olen leikitellyt jo pidemmän aikaa, mutta en ole aivan varma onko minulla sittenkään mielenkiintoa sen toteuttamiseen. Tällä hetkellä tuntuu, että olisi paras vain olla rauhassa ja olla tekemättä yhtään mitään. Sen verran lyhyeltä tuo juuri päättynyt viikonloppu tuntui. En saanut oikein mitään aikaiseksi. Olin suunnitellut suuremman luokan siivousta, mutta sain vain pestyä pyykkiä. Kiehtovaa ja äärimmäisen jännittävää puuhaa..

Katsotaan nyt mitä tapahtuu ja mihin energia riittää.

Sen unohdin kertoa, että kaikesta huolimatta toteutan yhden pienen haaveen. Olen ilmoittautunut opiskelemaan arkeologian perusteita. Kyseessä on Helsingin kesäyliopiston kurssi ja se hyvittää 7 opintopistettä arkeologian opintoja varsinaisessa yliopistossa. Ehkäpä tämä muuttuu vielä hienoksi. Hitto.. arkeologiaa :D

perjantai 16. toukokuuta 2008


Voiko niin naiviin miehen arvostelukykyyn ylipäätänsä luottaa, joka ei tiedä mistä hänen kampanjarahansa tulevat? Pitäisi nousta ehkä pikkuisen suurempi kysymyksien tulva jos joku hyväksyy kampanjointiin rahaa, jonka alkuperää ei tiedä. Onhan se selvä ettei silloin voi muodostua riippuvuussuhdetta, mutta onko sekään järkevää, että lukee iltapäivälehtien lööpeistä onko saanut rahoitusta ties mistä.

Ajatellappa jos tukea olisi puolileikillisesti lähettänyt ääriliike jommalta kummalta poliittiseltalaidalta. Mitenkäs sitä sitten selitettäisiin? Hitto mitä saatanan tunareita meillä on tekemässä päätöksiä, mutta kansa valitsee näköisensä edustajiston. Hävettää.

Ai niin.. tekisi mieli kommentoida saamaani palautetta käyttämistäni kengistä, mutta en yksinkertaisesti viitsi. Tympii muutenkin.

torstai 15. toukokuuta 2008


Pelkään pahoin, että olen joutunut tahtomattani jonkinlaiseen osaan minulle täysin tuntemattoman suvun riidoissa. Olen nyt toisen kerran joutunut vastaamaan, että asun nykyisessä osoitteessani, eikä minulla ole tietoa aikaisemmista asukkaista. Tänään kuulin, että tässä asunnossa on aikaisemmin asunut rääväsuinen mies, joka on osallisena sukunsa perimysriidoissa.

Asia joka pistää minut mietteliääksi on se, että kyseinen mies on kuulema ilmoittanut asianajajalleen tämän asunnon nykyiseksi osoitteekseen. Todennäköisesti pitää olla yhteydessä vuokranantajaan ja kysyä onko mahdollista sarjoittaa ulko-oven lukkopesä uusiksi.

Hitto näitä sankareita..

keskiviikko 14. toukokuuta 2008


Just got my second packet from the Amazon, in time of two weeks. As the USD is still really weak against Euro, buying music from the States is considered a national past time over here. Actually it was in the news just few weeks ago that according to the Finnish Customs, the number of shipments from the US have atleast tripled. No wonder, as it's also practically impossible to get rates for containers bound to the EU. I have been forced to tell some of my clients that they have to wait for five to six weeks even to get space onboard.

But lucky for me the mail dosn't get shipped in containers as I just received my second shipment of cds from Amazon. The first contained the Rolling Stones album "Beggars Banquet", that I just had to buy after seeing the "Shine a Light" movie by Scorsese. A good album and maybe even a better movie. Todays packet had two cds, One from Buddy Guy and Eternamiente by Mexican band Molotov.

I found the band by accident, reading the name off a magazine. After some googling, found out that they play my kind of music, as I'm a total sucker for heavy basslines with heavy guitar riffs. But as my Spanish is limited to only three words, the lyrics don't tell me anything. It's just that the music sounds really good and makes my head bounce.

As I'm pretty illiterate with music, the name Buddy Guy was also totally unknown for me before the Rolling Stones movie. Of course it's a sad and embarrassing, but what can you do. Lock me up in Guantanamo and force feed me music?

Now that I'm listening to the Buddy Guy album, the only thing that really comes in to my mind is that good music dosn't have a out-of-date time. So no matter if you find some good music 30 years after the mainstream, you can still appreciate the experiance. Consider classical music, and explain me when Handel, Ravel or Sibelius is past it's best?

tiistai 13. toukokuuta 2008

From the "I want-list"

I need a new camera. Would love to have the Nikon D300 but at the moment I'm forced to survive with out it. Dang..

Will do some painting in the summer instead..

maanantai 12. toukokuuta 2008

Am I living the life that I want to?

That was the deep and meaningful question that came into my mind, while watching the movie last night. In to the Wild, is based on a true story and in a way it got under my skin. It started this questioner in my mind that kept returning to the same main question over and over again. Am I really living the life that I want to be living?

In a way the answer is already clear, but I'm not ready to answer that at this time. As it's not a simple question and when committing a true answer for the question, it might make me feel uncomfortable. As for most likely, the answer might not be what I'd want it to be. And then there is the third option, a simple way to go around the whole thing and just describe what I like and don't like at my life. Even when the third option feels a bit like cheating. It only leaves me the alternative to decline answering.

It is said that the true happiness is only achieved when shared. I concur as deep down we are all pack animals living alone is against that nature. For some people it works out fine and at the moment, I'm comfortable beeing alone. For me it's a better alternative, than living my life with someone who I'm not happy with. Choosing the lesser bad from two bad alternatives, I suppose. As it has been a while since my life was counted in two's instead of the current one, I'm content with the situation. As the current situation is what it is, I'm using it as an excuse to stay alone.

Of course it's not the only one reason but by far it's one of the biggest. And supposing it is the same reason why I'm living my current life. I'm content with it and as its shaped the way I've shaped it. This is one of the roads that are open for me to walk on.

sunnuntai 11. toukokuuta 2008

For who am I writing this?

The movie was about a young man escaping the reality and living up his dream. I enjoy going to the movies and as this one was a bit off the beaten track, my idea was to go alone. I don't mind going alone and the movie was nice.. It fed my passion for the robinsonades, as stories about surviving are my cup of tea.

I actually had an idea of writing something deep and meaningful but can't remember what it was, as the Last Crusade is drawing all my attention. Will need to stop now.

Öiden sankari

Olipa jännittävä yö. Olin jostain syystä exän kanssa ruotsissa ja päädyin sitten IFK Göteborgin jalkapallo-ottelun lipunmyynti tiskille jonottamaan lippua. Samaan aikaan selvisi, että kyseessä oli harjoitusottelu ja vastassa oli maineikas Galatasaray. Samalla jostain syystä selvisi, että Galatasaray oli voittanut tämän vuoden Süper ligi kauden ja toisena oli Fenebrace.

Mitenkäs se sitten jatkui.. Hmm.. Tämä unien kirjoittamisessa on hankalaa, että jos niitä ei kirjoita välittömästi ylös, ne vain yksinkertaisesti häviävät. Muistin, että tuo viime öinen uni oli vielä paljon rönsyilevämpi ja hauska, mutta nyt se on hävinnyt. Sääli, sillä öiset seikkailut ovat jotain mikä varmasti pitää mielenterveyteni kunnossa.

lauantai 10. toukokuuta 2008

About the English language and Hanko

I've been thinking about my rusty english and the reasons for it. Most obviously, I don't really have a change to use it daily. Just to speak and turn my mind in the english language is something that drows up energy and it dosn't happen instantly. As everytime that I speak in english, my mind switches in that language. In a long run it's a good thing, but when in Finnish environment, there is a constant need to use both languages. And the switching must take it's toll on my english skills.

Then there is the second reason that I've just found out. I've found out that my english tends to be a bit worse when there are native english speakers in the conversation. It could be that I get subconsciously nervous about the whole matter. I start to think how to say it and what is the best way to sound clever in their native tongue.

It happened in London where I attended the training course with my company and and it has happened few times on JD events. My mind tries to think before hand what to say and how to pronounce it and actually forgets that my english is actually rather good. It's a weird situtation and will need to work on that. I'm not really a shy person so it dosn't have an effect in the matter, so it must be the nervousness.

Kind of weird actually.. I forget how to speak fluent english, but then again my mind really is like that. It could be a normal stress reaction when your mind concentrates on other things. When you start to think how to do a thing that comes natural, things usually end up the wrong way. Will try to think less and speak more in the future :P

Day trip to Hanko was a small success. The weather was absolutely marvelous, as I couldn't have wished for better weather. There was a mild breeze from the sea, but it was just there to keep the air moving. As the sun was actually really hot. My face certainly got it's share of the sun and I'm expecting to have a nice tan for tomorrow.

The ppl were really nice and friendly and wouldn't mind going on a road trip with again some other time. Maybe I will as Porvoo was mentioned as a place that some ppl would like to go, but will have to think about it a bit more.

Hanko itself was nice and atleast for me the whole place had a certain atmosphere. It had a speely feel to it and I could actually feel the place waiting for all the summer tourists. In a way it felt a bit sad as the whole town is alive only during the short summer months. Hanko felt small or almost tiny, a lot quieter than the time I used to live there. Can't tell if that's the fact but today it sertainly felt like that.

Hmm.. the ice creams were even bigger than I remembered. They were actually huge. And I'm pretty sure that it's actually not able to have a larger ice cream ball on a normal size cone. But it was good or actually it was even better than good, it was superb.

Everything worked out nice. I'm so glad that the whole trip turned out nice and hopefully everybody had as much fun than I did.

tiistai 6. toukokuuta 2008

Day in Hanko

I'm starting to feel a bit sentimental about Hanko. As mentioned on my previous post I'm hosting a JD even called "Day trip to Hanko". In a way the spring time is the best time to visit Hanko as it's just emerging from the shadows of the winter and everything feels so delicate. The feeling is amplified by the usually cold breeze from the sea as it stays cold even when the temperature rises during the sunny days of spring.

My previous visit to Hanko was during the new year and everything looked so bleak that I could have cried. All the places were just as unbearable, as they just can be in the dead of the winter time at the northern shore of the Baltic ocean. Dark, cold and wet. But spring time is different as all that bad and horrible is left behind as the summer is approaching.

My even grew more popular than I had imagined. As first mentioned I was planning to go there by myself, just to have a look at the places where I've grown up. But now I've ended up with 11 more people in three different cars who want to join my little trip. Weird, as I would have never anticipated such intrest. And don't get me wrong.. I'm not complaining. Far from it. As at the best the trip will be a blast as there is some wonderful people attending.

I think I'll take my camera with me and take some photos. As the places must have changed since the last time I really were there. Looking forward to saturday.

maanantai 5. toukokuuta 2008

Day trip to Hanko

I'm seriously supriced how popular the whole day trip to Hanko turned out to be. As I might have mentioned I joined the Jolly Dragon few months ago, in order to meet new ppl and maybe get some friends. I'm not going to explain what it is at this very moment but to put it short, it's an internet community for new ppl in Helsinki.

As I come from Hanko I felt like going over and see the spring time over there. I made a short info about the trip and invited ppl to join me. At the current time things have evolved and right now there are 9 ppl and 3 cars going to Hanko this saturday. No wonder I'm a bit baffeled..

Hope it will be warm as ice cream, BBQ and sunshine go well together.

sunnuntai 4. toukokuuta 2008

HJK vs KooTeePee

Yhden HJK:n pelin nähneenä on ensimmäiseksi mielessä, että joukkueen peli vastaa hyvin käsitystäni Antti Muurisen joukkueista. Hyökkäys on ajoittain jopa loistokasta, mutta puolustuksen kanssa saattaa vielä tulla ongelmia.

Kotijoukkue vei tällä kertaa Kotkan ylpeyttä kuin litran mittaa. Lopputulos 6-1 on HJK:ta imarteleva sillä joukkue ei mielestäni ollut ihan niin hyvä. KooTeePee vain yksinkertaisesti ei ollut sillä tasolla, että olisi voinut pelata tasavertaisesti HJK:ta vastaan. Välillä kävi ihan kotkalaisia sääliksi, sillä heidän joukkue ei ollut Veikkausliiga tasoa. Ei lähelläkään ja paljon pitää tapahtua jos se sille tasolle meinataan vielä kauden aikana saada. Otteista puuttui röyhkeys ja koko joukkueen peli on pehmeää, mistä kotijoukkue otti irti kaiken hyödyn. Raitapaidat olivat yksinkertaisesti määrätietoisempia ja pelasivat kovempaa.

Maata pitkin pelatessa peli oli ajoittain todella upeaa katsottavaa. Pallo liikkui miesten välillä kuin kauko-ohjauksessa ja vauhtia riitti. Tuli niistä syöttelyistä pari maaliakin vaikka Mäkelä taisi puskea molemmat maalinsa. Sen sijaan aina kun palloa yritettiin pelata pitkänä oli seurauksena pelkkiä ongelmia. Suorat nopeat avaukset eivät ainakaan minun silmääni onnistuneet kertaakaan. Ongelmia saattaakin vielä tulla kovan puolustuksen joukkueita vastaan.

Joka tapauksessa upea esitys paikalliselta ylpeydeltä. Hienoja maaleja ja katsojia oli ihan kohtuullisesti. Aina kun päästään yli 5000 katsojaan ollaan positiivisella mielellä. Ongelma on vain tavallisissa tuulipukukatsojissa. Kukaan ei osaa kannustaa vaan peliä katsotaan kuin telkkarista. Vaikka koen olevani puolueeton katsoja olin silti usein ainoa ihminen joka edes viitsi yrittää taputtamista. Tämä siis eteläpäädyn vasemmalla laidalla. Ei siis sillä, missä oli Forza ja se toinen ryhmä. Nämä pitivät meteliä ihan kiitettävästi ja pisteet myös sinne.

perjantai 2. toukokuuta 2008

NATO and Finland

The May day festivities are now over and I'm stuck at the office. Not really the way I would like to spend this friday, but then again when was the last time I really got what I wanted. Last week I wanted the 4,7 million euros from the lottery but didn't get that eighter.

As the political tradition is, most of the parties make speeches at the May day just to remind people that it's all about the politics and not about the spring, booze and doughnuts. The speech that got the most attention was from the retiring head of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) Eero Heinäluoma. The key note from his speech was that Finland will attend the NATO Crisis Management missions but will not join NATO if SDP is in the central goverment after the general election in 2011.

Of course we have to remember that Mr. Heinäluoma is the retiring head of SDP so what he says dosn't really have any political support after his resignation. Meaning that SDP could theoretically still support joining to the NATO. But that is a slim change and I'm guessing that it won't happen. Finland won't join the NATO if SDP is in the goverment.

The reason behind this posting is that I am wondering is it a smart move to make a such promise. Meaning that our next elections are held in the 2011 and a statement like that would direct the course of our country for seven years. That is an extrimely long time in a political world that is changing as rapidly as it is today. We have to remember that just yesturday Russia sent more troops to Abhasia and it's in Georgia, not in Russia.

I've always been really irritated about the phrase "Finland has no need to join the NATO at this current political climate". As it is a key phrase in Finnish politics and I can't belive people actually use it, as it's one of the stupidest things a politician can say. Joining NATO is same as buying an insurance. Nobody will sell you fire insurance when your house is already smoking. It's the same thing with NATO. How can we be sure that our application would be accepted when cruise missiles are already flying our way? I'm bringing the matter to a point, but you'll get the picture.

Also when saying that we have no need to join at this climate it also binds our hands in a different way. If Finland would suddenly apply the membership it would be a tremendous signal in the political world. Finland would feel itself threatened in some way. From what I know from the international diplomacy, that is a thing that you don't say. It would give a signal that we as an independent nation don't trust in our own defences and need help in the face of a crisis.

As we are an independent nation with one of the largest standing armies in the Europe, we have to be politically mature enough to see what is the best road for Finland. Is it in the same league as Georgia or Estonia?

torstai 1. toukokuuta 2008

My team is reaching it's full potential

Wohoo! Finally found a working tactics for the Football manager 2k8. I'm leading the Veikkausliiga and beat the crap out of some Romanian team in the first qualification round of the UEFA cup. I'm so happy with the progress I'm having with my team.