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Current assault rifle RK-62 to be ungraded by the Finnish Defence Forces

According to Finnish newspaper Iltasanomat, the Finnish Army will not acquire a new assault rifle and the main candidate Beretta ARX-160 is now ditched. Instead the current Finnish made RK-62 will get a modernization and will continue to serve, as the main battle rifle for the Finnish Defence Forces under the new name RK-62M.

The new RK-62M version will feature following new features:
  • Telescopic stock
  • Scope mount for optics (picatinny rail) 
  • Utility rail
  • New tactical sling
The upgraded rifle is slightly heavier than the old version, tipping the scale "just under 5 kg". The old version is 3,6 kg and fully loaded 30 round magazine is 0,8 kg. 
Armeijan uusi rynnäkkökiväärimalli rynnäkkökivääri 7.62 RK 62M.
Currently there are only few prototypes available and conscripts will get the new rifles sometime around 2016.

When serving my compulsory military training, I got first hand experience with the RK-62 and can safely say that, it's a good and solid battle rifle. These upgrades will address the main issues or drawbacks of the design. Of course when the rifle was designed in the early 1960's, there were no need for these new upgrades. The rifle is accurate and the new optics will enhance that performance to a new level. 

Personally I'm happy with the new upgrade. The rifle is something that almost all Finnish males are familiar with and as mentioned, it's still a very good battle rifle. The cartridge 7,62 x 39mm is tried and tested in the Finnish landscape and the only drawback is, that it's not a NATO cartridge. Alas, Finland is not a NATO member.

The pictures are from Puolustusvoimat (

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