lauantai 1. elokuuta 2015

Donald Trup - That pig

I was reading Politico article  about the GOP presidential candidates. The article is mainly about Jeb Bush and Donald Trump and how one of the leading contestants should deal with Mr. Trup. Currently the no. 1 candidate according to Quinnipical Poll, that was quoted in the Time's website.

Donald Trup was clear number one with 20% support of Republicans, Scott Walker second with 13% and Jeb Bush 3rd at 10%. According to that poll 43% of Republicans would vote these three men and even though it's still really early to tell, but I'd be willing to assume the GOP presidential candidate will be one of these three men.

The main thing about Politico article seemed to be, that Mr. Trump is a pig and that is true. We all know Mr. Trump as a ungraceful powerhouse, with dirty, straight forward views - a pig in a political sense. Good to have around as back-up, but you wouldn't want to stand too close to a pig.

I'm not trying to disrespect Mr. Trump, as those are his strengths and he is the best player when branding yourself and making people think they know all about you. He has made the brand Trump and people are loving it.

The advise given to Jeb Bush is that, don't touch the pig, as it would mean you have to enter the pigsty. It's clever advise as it places Mr. Bush above Mr. Trump and communicating that he is more of a serious politician than his opponent. Confronting with Mr. Trump is a sure-fire way to get media publicity, but it's also a double edged sword. You will get 15 minutes in the light, but you have more to lose than the pig. Pig can do what ever he want's and people still love him, as that's how we expect from him.

"Never wrestle a pig, you get dirty, and besides, the pig loves it."

It will be very tricky situation for Jeb Bush. He will need to do some serious campaigning in order to win Donald Trump, especially if he is not going to engage him directly. I am not convinced that's even possible, as it might paint him as dodger.

If you want to win Mr. Trump, you need to hit him hard and fast. Confront him and make sure you win, without a shadow of a doubt. Sow the seed of doubt, are you willing to have a ignorant clown govern you.

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